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Client Testimonial
Working with Rae has been a real blessing. At first I was skeptical that MFR would do anything since nothing else worked, but she really listened to me and within a few sessions had corrected several issues I was struggling with. My soccer play was much better after and after she...

— Eddie S.
Client Testimonial
My session was great. I received a 90 minute MFR "massage" and felt better both immediately better and better in the days following. She took her time, was professional and focused. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

— Evan G.
Client Testimonial
Working with Rae from Freedom Myofascial Release was a great experience. I suffered a pretty severe trauma in my leg and have had a lot of pain and lack of motion since the accident, but in just a 30 minute session with Rae, my leg and foot were pain free and I had noticeably...

— Ronnie S.
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Video By: Richard Harty PT [May 19, 2016]