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Client Testimonial
Working with Rae from Freedom Myofascial Release was a great experience. I suffered a pretty severe trauma in my leg and have had a lot of pain and lack of motion since the accident, but in just a 30 minute session with Rae, my leg and foot were pain free and I had noticeably...

— Ronnie S.
Client Testimonial
Rae helped me after I injured my left leg. She made me feel comfortable; she was knowledgeable, and thorough. It was a great experience.

— Sommer B.
Client Testimonial
Several months ago, I was having terrible pain on the bottom of my right foot. I went to a podiatrist who diagnosed me with planter fasciitis. I had 3 visits with this podiatrist over a 3 month period and his recommendations were shots in my foot (which only helped for about a month), medications (these had no affect) and shoe inserts (which can costs a lot of money). I decided since this wasn't working I would try a different remedy and contacted Rae Long at Freedom Myofascial Release. After several treatments and about 5 hours of her time, I am happy to say that I am pain free and no longer have any pain associated with planter fasciitis. I thank her every day for relieving my pain and giving me back my life. Thank you.

— Redmond C.
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